Quanto Costa 
Osteria Quanto Costa is democratic Italian restaurant with home cooking and a relaxed free atmosferoy.Pomeschenie restaurant accommodates 21 table, grill room will give you not to forget the atmosphere of comfort and warmth, a separate room “Prosecco” will allow a company to collect the soul, to spend time with close friends weekend, or to hold business meetings during the week. Hall “Wine” will plunge into the world of music, food and wine! If you want to spend time in peace and without fuss osteria has a private room that can accommodate up to 15 guests!
All decorated in a home-style restaurant without any frills.

The main attraction, the “Heart” of the restaurant is a wood-burning stove, which are prepared by a wonderful Tuscan pizza brand chief Yuri Kapas. Baked our pride, delicious dessert “Fruit baked with vanilla ice cream.” Prepared according to old Italian family recipes. Osteria kitchen open, partially exposed in the hall allowing to smell all the flavors of the dishes being prepared. The furniture is very simple on the shelves are placed different kinds of pasta, preparations for the home, lighting fixtures and other utvor. Brand-chef Yuri Kapas pleases visitors osteria real Italian dishes. Gastronomic delights are not here, but affordable pizza, pasta, desserts, prepared according to the rules of culinary science. The range of pizzas baked in a wood oven impressive: from a simple “Margarita” and closed “Calzone” to “Speck Mascarpone” creation of brand-chef, combined dessert mascarpone cheese and damp-dried Italian ham cake.

Pizza dough

The dough – it is our pride. We make the dough in the pizza and never freeze. It is – “live”, easy and delicious. Test Preparation – it is a real “alchemy”. Here every detail is important, each gram of the recipe, the quality of ingredients, temperature of water and air, which is preparing the dough. We are obsessed with the creation of the magnificent pizza dough. Try also our passion for taste!

A rich selection of pasta. Which is based on the elite durum wheat and prepared in our kitchen. Spaghetti with tomato and basil Lasagna “Bolognese”, ravioli with ricotta and spinach. As well as meat and fish cooked on the grill Italian. At the same time retaining all the beneficial properties of the product. Buying a unique taste and aroma. Our waiters are happy to offer you a wide selection of Italian wines glasses, including the home, which we serve in decanters. Desserts in Quanto Costa unique. Present in Italy. Try panna cotta with berry sauce, homemade Italian tiramisu, chocolate fondant with English cream. And enjoy our homemade teas with fragrant homemade jam.

Workshops for children

We regularly hold free workshops for children on the pizza. Kids come to us for pizza and cook your own pizza with his hands.

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