Spring has not yet come, but a real warm day just around the corner. Today, all share their love, marking perhaps the most beautiful holiday – Valentine’s Day. On this day, we often say is very important, and perhaps the most important words – I Love You.

Restaurant Quanto Costa, also wants to be part of this celebration with you.
What a romance, without a romantic dinner?
As you know the way to man’s heart goes through his stomach, and what a girl refuses to something tasty?

Want to get dinner for 2 in Valentine’s Day?
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12.02 And we will randomly drawing “romantic dinner for 2” you can spend with your mate in the most romantic day of the year!
There are 3 conditions and you can become the owner of a beautiful and unforgettable evening for you and your other half!

Nobody likes to throw out spoiled food. However, in order to stay healthy, you should eat only fresh food.

Many people around the world grow their own food. It is difficult to find more fresh food than those who grew up in your garden. In your own garden with vegetables, there are lots of advantages.

And at our restaurant in Italy have their own bed, with which we deliver only fresh and natural products that we use for making amazing and unique dishes.

• First, you have the freshest products. Their vegetables taste better in all that you buy at the store. In addition, you can be confident in the quality of our products and in the absence of chemicals.

• It also means that we can observe seasonality and grow vegetables that are suitable for a particular time of year.

• However, the biggest advantage – it is reducing the amount of food waste. Vegetables come from the garden straight to the kitchen, and everything that we do not use, it will be much longer stored in the refrigerator.



Quanto Costa Restaurant invites you to enjoy an absolute combination of fresh mozzarella, Parma ham and brackish sweet taste of figs. All this is combined in a light salad from our chef.

Delicious, really sexy, and very simple salad.

Pizza in the different countries

How many of you know how to eat a pizza in Australia or, for example, Japan? Can you guarantee that there pizza is the same as ours?

As it is known, pizza was born in Italy. However, like any other dish, it undergoes various changes influenced by the cuisines of different countries.

The original, or as the Italians say, real pizza can be prepared only by using some varieties of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Seasons such as pizza can only basil, oregano and olive oil. Therefore, the true Italian pizza recognize only:

• «Margarita” (tomato variety “San Marzano”, basil, fresh “mozzarella” from the southern Apennines).

• «Margarita Extra” (tomatoes “Cherry”, “mozzarella” from buffalo milk).

• «Marie violated” (tomato, oregano, garlic, olive oil).

American pizza is very different from Italian – especially thick cake and ingredients. In the US, the pizza is placed almost all vegetables, seafood, meat, various spices. And besides, they add olive oil truffle and walnut oil.

In Australia pizza it is also very popular. Since there are a lot of Italians, the original Italian pizza is fairly common. However, like any other people, the Australians brought a pizza is something different: it is called – Australian Pizza (australiana), is based on an ordinary cake, sauce, mozzarella and tucked bacon and egg (a traditional Australian breakfast). Also in this pizza can be used shrimp. In the 1980 Australian pizzeria started offering gourmet pizza with premium toppings, such as salmon, Bocconcino, tiger prawns, as well as non-traditional ingredients such as kangaroo meat, emu and crocodile. Another popular pizza on an open fire, which is prepared on the impressive-looking ceramic oven, heated with firewood.

In Brazil, popular as American pizza and Italian, but mainly by the Neapolitan pizza cooked recipes.

Of course, the distinguished Japanese – famous inventors for various snacks. They found embodiment pizza, which is coated on top of mayonnaise, and a filling placed in potatoes, bacon, onions. “Original” Japanese pizza consists of tortillas, which put seafood.

In Russia there is pizza in the 1990s, with the collapse of the union and the arrival of foreign companies. For a long time it is considered fast food, interesting analogue sandwiches. Of course, the Russian cuisine is also making adjustments to the recipes: gaining a lot of popularity “homemade pizza” that are similar to the name of Naples, and the prescription for pies with meat, fish, sausage. However, with the advent of “Italian restaurants” in Russia there is a pizza as a separate, full-fledged meal.


Autumn generously gives us all kinds of vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, nuts, and cook coming up with new seasonal dishes. In autumn our restaurant tried to include in the menu, dishes, creating a wonderful autumnal mood, giving a new taste experience. Learn what autumn, offers chef Yuri Kapas.

Firstly, the range of the bar considerably enlarged seasonal homemade lemonade. There are apple, pear, and even lemonade cornel, as well as the much-loved original “Merry Tomato.”

The chef offers the most pampered palates to try the simple to prepare but delicious in taste dishes – light, beautiful in the supply and the corresponding season.

New dishes turned out not only delicious and nutritious, but also useful, rich in vitamins, which in autumn is particularly important. Here you will find a delicious salad with mushrooms on the cheese souffle, a tasty salad with figs, Parma and mozzarella, roasted peppers stuffed with vegetables from the wood-fired oven, unmatched aubergine pate, soft cheese brie with truffles. As well as the legendary apple strudel with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream.

And as always a restaurant Quanto Costa is ready to please you with a new action – book two dishes from the menu autumn, apple lemonade get in FREE!


Bongiorno Seniors and Gentlemans!

Every Saturday and Sunday, from 12:00 to 18:00 in our children’s special culinary master class!

This weekend – the first time we are traveling on the fabulous and rich taste of Italy!

We have pizza festival !!!

Try and feel the flavor of Italy will help us our pitstsaely. And we prepare the famous Tuscan pizza in this wood-fired oven!

So do not miss the opportunity to plunge into the wonderful world of Italy and allow your child to feel “great” pizzaiolo with Quanto Costa!


Team of Quanto Costa knows where at 10 am already smell of fresh baking and the aroma of Americano.

Welcome to Zhilyanskaya 87/30, to a restaurant in the Quanto Costa for tasty morning!

In order to attract guests to breakfast at our restaurant, we tried to guess the desire of each guest and cooked his breakfast for different categories of people. Guests of the restaurant can feel the French, if the morning will begin with a delicious omelet, just the Americans, which is filled with morning coffee taste and aroma of fried eggs with herbs talkers. Feel the breath of Italy, you can enjoy breakfast mozzarella, poached eggs with prosciutto on ciabatta or freshly baked pizza-bikini.

And as always in our breakfast menu, there are natural homemade yogurt with fresh berries and nuts, fragrant cheese pancakes with maple syrup, with Pancake with sour cream. And of course, hot chocolate, cocoa, and only special refreshing teas that are so necessary hardly awakened citizens.

Quiet pleasant atmosphere, excellent service, newspapers and convenient parking – mark the beginning of a good day.

Good morning to start with a good mood and sip coffee, right action and good work, charge the delicious mood on weekdays from 10 to 12 hours with a restaurant Quanto Costa!