What do you know about the pizza?

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What do you know about the pizza?

Pizza is everywhere: Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, America, Ukraine. And for all time of its existence, from pizzas were nice features.

And really, what do you know about the pizza?

1. The biggest square pizza – with a side of 123 centimeters. Its price is $ 199.99.

2. The average European consumes about 300 kg of pizza per year, only 10.5 kg American and Japanese Takeru Kobayashi eats 10 pizzas in 12 minutes.

3. Ducho Cresci, the famous Italian manufacturer of cosmetics has released a new collection of cosmetics with the smell of pizza. According to rumors, she received a large spread in Italy.

4. The most expensive pizza is worth $ 3655 and was prepared in Rome. It is composed of edible gold, champagne soaked caviar, sliced ​​venison, lobster, Scottish smoked salmon. This masterpiece was named in honor of James Bond “Pizza Royale 007”.

5. Pizza – useful! Milan scientists have argued that pizza lovers a lower risk of developing certain cancers because of unleavened dough (do not cause fermentation in the stomach) and tomato sauce with spices.

6. The 18-year-old boy Ashley Clark spelled pizza as a diet. He has a disease associated with veins, so the doctor ordered a pizza as a medicine.

7. Also, the scientists found that eating pizza reduces the risk of some cancers. Studies have shown that the risk of pizza fans tumors in the oral cavity is reduced by 34% in the esophagus – 59%.

8. The recipe of this pizza took three pages in the Government Gazette. In 2004, the “true” Neapolitan pizza recipe was published in the official Gazette of the Government of the Italian Gazzetta Ufficiale.

9. One of the inmates of prisons in Australia took 15 pizzas as a ransom for hostages. Just received the coveted meal with “will”, the prisoners agreed to release the hostages.

10. In the world of the night and eat about 500 million pizzas (pizza, cooked at home, are not included in the statistics)


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